How Does Elite Prizes Work? 

Elite Prizes is a prize draw online platform. We give away houses, supercars, luxury watches & so much more…

Once you have chosen the prize/prizes you want to play for you must select the ticket offer that best suits you before you are entered into the raffle draw to decide the winner of the competition.

The winner is chosen via a random number generator which is filmed in real time across our social media platforms – Facebook & Instagram.

We offer discounts when you buy 2 or more tickets.

You will receive your unique ticket numbers via e-mail within 2 to 24 hours of entering one of our competitions.

At the end of the competition you will be contacted via e-mail to inform you of the live draw time & date for the competition you entered.

The lucky winner of the competition will be contacted via e-mail, telephone & post.

The countdown clock displays the various time periods for each raffle. If all the tickets for the raffle do not sell out by the time the countdown clock reaches zero in the 1st period, the 2nd period will start. If all the tickets for the raffle do not sell out by the time the 2nd period reaches zero, the 3rd period will start etc.. If all the tickets are sold before the competition end date, then the live draw will be held no longer than 10 days after the current period ends. There is a maximum of 4 to 6 periods for each one of our raffles.

Good Luck!!