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We raffle cars, but not just any cars… we hand pick the fastest, sexiest, sportiest automobiles out there and give you the chance to win them for as little as £10

Forget those favourite numbers, lucky balls and odds of
1 in 45,057,474…
play with us to be in for a real chance to get your hands on some of the most desired cars in the world!

Will you win an
Audi S3 Quattro for £5?!

Get your Early Bird ticket for just £5 from 03.04.2020


Not sure how to pay for insurance?
We’ve got it covered – the winner will also receive

£2000 CASH!

Didn’t get the car?

Your ticket might get you one of the runner-up prizes!

We believe in giving back!

£1 from every ticket sale will be going to the Salvation Army to support the amazing work they do for our communities.

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