How Do I Enter?

It’s easy, pick the raffle you would like to enter and choose how many tickets you would like to purchase.

What If you don't sell enough tickets for the raffle?

All our prizes are guaranteed, regardless of how many tickets we sell for each raffle.

Please note: The Bentley raffle is not a guaranteed prize. If we do not sell all the tickets, a cash alternative prize of 60% of the ticket sales will be awarded to the winner.

Are My Payment Details Secure?

Yes, we do not handle, see or store your card details. Your payment is handled by our clearing bank First Data which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Register No. 582703). We are also PCI DSS compliant. With you’re in safe hands.

Can I Get A refund?

Of course, we are happy to refund 100% of your entry fee.

A refund can only be issued during a live raffle, once the raffle has ended no refunds can take place.

Obviously once you have been refunded your ticket for the raffle draw is withdrawn and no longer valid.

Do you just raffle cars?

We raffle cash, MacBooks, scooters and much more.

What If My Dream Car Breaks Down?

All cars have been checked and come with warranty. We are proud of what we do and your safety and security are paramount to us.

Can You Sell My Car?

Yes, we can. Please fill in the form on our Register page. We currently only accept cars with one owner, full dealer service history, a maximum of 30,000 miles and a maximum sale value of £25,000

What Do I Do If I Don’t Get My Tickets?

Email us at: or you can call us on 0121 327 0500 and we will get this sorted straight away. Our offices are open from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM Monday to Friday.

How do I know the raffles are administered fairly?

All entry names and ticket numbers are updated daily. Check our Entry List page. The winner is picked via a random number generator and broadcast LIVE across our Social Media platforms. This ensures the process of picking a winner is fair, transparent and fraud free.

Is The Car Delivered To Me?

Yes, the car is delivered to you free of charge, anywhere in the United Kingdom and Ireland, however if you would like to collect the car, you can collect the car from our offices in Leeds or Birmingham.

Is This All Legal?

Yes, we work with a team of solicitors and barristers to ensure that we comply with the 2005 Gambling Act and we do not break any rules set out by the UK Gambling Commission. Everything is legal and above board. If you ever have any concerns or questions please contact us here.

How Long Are The Raffles?

Each of the competitions will have a countdown clock but this does not always represent the total duration of the competition. If all the tickets for the competition do not sell out by the initial competition period, the competition may be extended. Example: If the competition time period is one month the extension period will be one month, if the competition time period is two weeks the extension time period will be two weeks etc. Each competition period will be displayed on the individual raffles. If all the tickets are sold before the competition end date, the competition will end and the winner announced early.